The Gynophilus formula contains Lactobacillus casei, natural hosts of the vaginal cavity.
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Gynophilus is a gynaecological treatment. The imbalance of the vaginal flora is the cause of itching, bad smells, burns and perineal discomfort.
Thanks to its totally natural constituents, Gynophilus rebalances the vaginal flora. This product is also available as a local treatment: Gynophilus lp vaginal tablets.

The Gynophilus formula contains Lactobacillus casei, natural hosts of the vaginal cavity. These elements produce lactic acid, which is essential for the recovery of the vaginal ecosystem.

Regenerates the vaginal flora
Directions for use:
  • 1 intravaginal capsule twice a day in the attack phase for 7 days. It is generally used: as a relay for local antibiotic treatment or against fungal infections, at the same time as oral treatment.
  • 1 intravaginal capsule once a day during the maintenance phase for 14 days
To be renewed if necessary

Freeze-dried culture of Lactobacillus casei Doderleini rhamnosus variety and lactose.

Key Components:
- A prebiotic which nourrishes, implants and multiplies Lcr35.
- Prebiotic Lcr35, carefully studied, which has always proven to have beneficial effects in treating vaginal infections.
- Eubiotic: active metabolites which protect and contribute to the efficiency of Lcr35.

Packaging:14 capsules.

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