FLORAGYN® Detergente intimo
Intimo gel with laktobacilom and lactic acid
Type: Intimo gel

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Floragyn " intimate hygiene detergent - this is a gentle tool for daily intimate genital hygiene. Its anti-bacterial effect prevents irritation and inflammation . It is also recommended in the case of weakly micturitions are redness , menstrual cycle, postpartum and older women ( with urinary incontinence) .

Due to their composition, its effects are threefold:
  • Effectively every day and gently wash away ;
  • Preserves the pH and bacterial flora of lactobacilli for antagonist activity has a preventive effect in preventing mucositis ;
  • For chlorhexidine and salicylic acid exposure occurs antimicrobial and antibacterial effects
  • Are active on alpha - acid activity ketoglutarinės it stops ammonia ions , resulting from the fermentation of urinating and urine operation.
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