MateRegen® Gel
Gel based on hyaluronic acid
Type: Gel

Category: Medical device
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MateRegen® Gel
  • Novel and unique crosslinking technology
  • Proprietary crosslinking technique: No crosslink agent residual, reduced inflammatory reaction
  • Excellent biocompatibility
  • Gentle material modification chemistry: Preserved the biological function of natural hyaluronic acid

Multiple Functions:
  • Prevents adhesion and scarring
  • Minimises  bleeding ad edema
  • Facilitates re-mucosalisation acting as an adjunct
  • Eliminate post-op removal due to its bio resorption
  • Avoids secondary damage to the endometrium
  • Conforms to the uterine cavity without dead space

MateRegen Gel: unique features
  • Adequate viscosity and hydrophilic property: Creation of moist environment facilitating scar-free endometrium regeneration
  • Controlled degradation profile: physical barrier during the mucous regeneration critical period to prevent adhesion and scar formation
  • Terminal sterilisation: maximised safety after application
  • Degradable and completely bioresorbable: avoid secondary damage to the regenerated tissue
  • Easy to use: no mixing required, flexible delivery cannula to facilitate application
  • Non-animal-sourced HA raw material used for production: avoid potential reactions to xenogeneic proteins
MateRegen Gel degrades and is removed from the uterine cavity up to 14 days
  • Covers mucous during the critical healing period
  • Matches the tissue repair process
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